project heal

Journaling or "expressive writing" can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, can LITERALLY help your injuries heal faster, improve your problem-solving skills, and help you recover from traumatic experiences. Project Heal is a collective project, a way for anyone worldwide to write about their feelings, share stories, anger, frustration, love, guilt, happiness, weakness, anything you need to get off your chest. Not only will it help release the pressure/heaviness you may be carrying around, your words have the power to help someone else. The world can always benefit from more healing. I will be collecting the letters, and compiling into a book to be shared. Simply Type out whatever emotions you would like to release in this contact form or Send in your hand written/typed anonymous letters to:
Project Heal
PO Box 78171 Heritage
Calgary, Alberta Canada
If your comfortable sign your country on the bottom. Open until July 9th 2021

We all have unresolved emotions within us. Emotions have energy that pushes up for expression, and to push them down, our minds and bodies use creative tactics-including muscular construction and holding our breath. Symptoms like anxiety and depression, which are on the rise, can stem from the way we deal with these underlying, automatic, hard wired survival emotions. These are biological forces that should not be ignored